Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder 4lb

Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder 4lb

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Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning is composed of thousands of tiny particles that look and act like super sponges to absorb dirt, spills, and even allergens. It is safe on all types of fibers and fabrics, and it's approved for use on all stain-resistant carpets. It is even safe for use on wool rugs. You get professional carpet cleaning results without the high costs.

Once the Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder absorbs a stain particle, it won't let it go. That means you don't have to worry about tracking dirt and odors from one area to another while you're using Capture carpet cleaner. You can use your rooms and hallways while you clean. Just vacuum up the powder when you're done!

Cleaning with Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder keeps carpets looking like new because no sticky detergent residue is left behind to attract soil. Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder particles are engineered to attract and absorb tough soil, stains, spots, odors, allergens, and residues from all types of carpet and upholstery fiber (including nylon, wool, silk, oriental rugs, and many others.)

**This product is no longer being made for Oreck. Supplies extremely limited**

You may also need the Premist.  


Polyoxymethylene Urea* (9011-05-6, absorbent), Water (7732-18-5, diluent), Calcium Carbonate (1317-65-3, flow aid), Polyalkylene Glycol* (9003-11-6, cleaning agent) Super Absorbent Polymer (flow aid), Ethanolamine (141-43-5, pH stabilizer), Benzisothiazolinone (2634-33-5, preservative), Fragrance (fragrance), Pyrithione Sodium (3811-73-2, preservative), Glutaral* (111-30-8, preservative), Zinc Chloride* (7646-85-7, preservative)

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