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Maison Berger

Festive Fir Fragrance Lamp Refill

Festive Fir Fragrance Lamp Refill

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The exhilarating aromas of a forest stroll captured in a bottle! The Festive Fir lamp fragrance instantly evokes the invigoration of exploring an evergreen glade.

A woodsy, fresh fragrance featuring pine, eucalyptus, fir, balsam with undertones of cedar wood and sandalwood. A woody and refreshing scent. For a calm and comforting experience.

 Festive Fir

A woody and refreshing fragrance

 Top Note

Green notes, pine needles, clean notes

 Heart Note

Fir balm, pine, eucalyptus, raspberry

 Base Note

Sandalwood, Cedarwood


Use with any Lampe Berger to remove unpleasant odors and delicately perfume your home.

How to light a Lampe Berger:

  1. Fill the lamp with the accompanying home fragrance.
  2. Light the burner.
  3. Blow the flame out after a couple of minutes to clean the air and release French fragrance that captivates and allures.

Good to Know:

• Use with lamp

• 500 ml duration: 20 hrs of diffusion - 80 hrs of fragrance

• 1 L duration: 40 hrs of diffusion - 160 hrs of fragrance

• Fragrance is dye free


500 ml — Reference No: 415080

1 L  — Reference No: 416080

Regulatory Information: Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapor. May cause serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Dangerous. Follow the instructions for use.

Made in France

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