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Miele SET 220 Electric Wand

Miele SET 220 Electric Wand

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Telescopic wand  for vacuum cleaners
  • The connecting piece between hand-piece and electric floorhead 
  • SET 220 electronic telescopic wand 

The SET220 Quick Connect Wand is designed to be used with Miele direct connect hoses.

The Miele SET220 Telescopic wand is designed for use with Miele direct connect hoses, and electrically powered powerbrushes. The electrical connections mate automatically at the wand and hose. The stainless steel exterior and surer grip locks ensure long-lasting service. Please note: The original wand number was 41996079 USA, new Miele part number is: 41996432 USA. Part number also used is 6543880

The wand is designed for use with:

  • Powerbrushes: SEB236, SEB217, SEB217-2, SEB228
  • Hoses: SES125, SES115, SES118, SES130
  • Mates with all Direct Connect Powerbrushes and hoses
  • NOTE: Cannot be used with SEB234 or SEB213-2 powerbrushes.
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