Push Button Assembly for Miele Wand

Push Button Assembly for Miele Wand

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Miele 5780932 Push Button: Round push button made for releasing the telescopic tube with adjustable length.

Our price with shipping is less than Amazon! If you have recently purchased, or are needing to purchase the Push Button for a Miele SET 220 wand part number 5780932, here are the simple instructions on how to replace it.

Before you begin, or before you order one please check the white plastic it covers. If this plastic is at all broken (which it frequently is), then you will need to buy a whole new wand. The push button will not work for you.

Start by clipping the metal clips thingy (technical jargon for it) into either side. There should be round notches made for it.

Then attach the button to the end of that metal clip and place the spring in the hole in the center.

Then put the cover over it all and snap it until you hear a click. In our case, our white piece was broken so when we installed the button, it wouldn't stay on well.

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