Collection: Odor Removing Products

Does your home or work have odor problems? Is it coming from the pets, couches, clothes or air? We have SO MANY solutions for you. 

Air: If your air smells you MUST try Maison Berger catalytic lamps. They are amazing. They remove odors and purify the air, and if you want, they can add a fragrance into the air. They won't just cover up your odors...they will remove them. These are great for cooking odors, pet odors, and smoke odors in the home. Along with any other odor you might have.  They were created by a French pharmacist in the 1800s to purify the air in hospitals, so they have been around for quite some time.

Our Fresh Wave products are also excellent for removing odors from the air. I use the gel next to my kitty litter box. Fresh Wave also has solutions for odors in clothes, pet shampoo, candles, air fresheners, and vacuum beads. 

Surfaces: Fred's So Fresh is my go-to for removing odors on surfaces i cannot wash: couches, dog beds, my weighted gym vest, and car interior. 

Vacuums: You have so many options with us for odor removal in your vacuums. All vacuums will hold odors. Use Odor odor-absorbing products to freshen up your vacuum and eliminate odors, consider using odor-absorbing products. Do not use baking soda or carpet fresh! These products will clog the pores of your vacuum bags and filters causing it to lose suction, and ultimately straining the motor. Many manufacturers will void your warranty if these products are used. Instead, use the products we suggest in THIS VIDEO. Sprinkle a generous amount of any of these products on the floor or carpet, and then vacuum it up. The products are designed to help absorb odors, leaving your vacuum smelling clean and fresh. You can also place an odor-absorbing sachet or a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball inside the vacuum's dust canister or bag for a pleasant scent, but those are not as effective.